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I'm a meditation obsessed mama who loves keeping healthy simple, taking care of myself first and teaching other women easy ways they can feel their absolute best. Because isn't that the point?

Life is busy, your kids are crazy and carving out time for yourself seems next to impossible. As a mom of three littles, I'm right there with ya. I also know how good it feels to take care of yourself first. When you are your best self, everyone wins.

As a yoga teacher, holistic health coach + stay at home mama it's my mission to teach other women really simple ways to be their best selves through meditation, whole foods + delicious self care.  You want to feel your absolute best and you don't need a week at the spa to make it happen. It's the simple things we do most often that lead tolasting change. Let me teach you how!


It's the simple things we do the most often that lead to lasting change.