Essential Oils for Anxiety Guide


Have you ever experienced a shift, maybe in the way you think or in the way you feel, and prior to that shift you didn't even realize you were feeling that way or having those thoughts? It's as if it isn't until you experience change that you fully grasped where you were in the first place.

That's my story with anxiety.

I had been described as nervous, and cautious and even an over thinker. I remember never being able to fall asleep as a child because I was just so nervous about everything in the future. And as I got older, I got used to those feelings.

It wasn't until I found my yoga practice and those anxious feelings started to fade away that I realized how often I was holding onto those emotions.

There are lots of different tools I use to keep anxiety at bay -- yoga, meditation, mindfulness, the foods I eat and massive amounts of self care.

Essential oils are another tool that have been a game changer for me.

In fact, I started using them for emotional support during one of my pregnancies, when my anxiety was high and I knew I needed something to supplement my other tools.

I was blown away and have never looked back.

It's also the number one reason women reach out to me for essential oil support - both for themselves and their families.

I created this Oils + Anxiety Guide as a quick reference for why essential oils help support our emotions, my top essential oils for anxiety and even a few of my favorite roller ball + diffuser recipes.

You can get your free guide here.

I can't wait to hear how you use these tools in your home. Do you have a go-to anxiety tool? Let me know!

much love,

Erica Traster