Anxious Feelings in Small Children

Seeing your little one suffering from anxious feelings can feel heavy on your heart.

Whether you’ve suffered from anxious feelings yourself or not, all you want to do is to be able to help.

Taking a holistic approach allows you to address your child’s emotional well-being from a variety of angles. As a disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and anything shared below is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. If your child needs medical attention, please reach out to your physician.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Naturally Support Anxious Feelings in Small Children

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  1. Teach them Meditation

    Meditation is life-changing, and not just for ourselves. Teaching our kids to slow down, pay attention to their breath and learn to sit with themselves is a skill that will benefit them their entire life.

    There are a variety of meditation apps for your phone, free YouTube videos and even yoga studios that offer kid’s yoga programs.

    You can create a mini-meditation routine with your children before bed or even when they come home from school. Place some calming oils in your diffuser, like Lavender or Serenity, have them roll their favorite emotional support oils (see below) on their feet and wrists and meditate together.

    This will be a practice for you too! Do not expect it to be perfect or to look anything like your practice. Kids do not always want to be still, so experiment and see what works best for your family!

2. Simplify Your Schedule

Our kids feel our energy and internalize it. Because they cannot express themselves the way we can, those emotions can come out in all different types of emotions and behaviors. If you are feeling frantic, stressed and overwhelmed, it’s really easy for your kids to feel that way too.

Simplifying your schedule will look different for everyone, so as always, do what’s best for you!

Find simple things at home for your family that bring your child joy and intentionally create more of those opportunities. Schedule more downtime for yourself so that you’re feeling less frantic when you’re with your children. Create pockets of time each day for self care for YOU so that you can model to your children how less can be more.

3. Evaluate Nutritional Needs

Kids love sugar - am I right? Yet their little bodies often don’t respond well to it. If your child is feeling anxious, cutting out stimulating foods like sugar or processed carbs could help calm their nervous system which may help with those anxious feelings.

Most kids are not getting their full nutritional needs met through diet. Our emotional well-being starts in the gut, so this is huge! Daily vitamins and probiotics can help to fill those gaps and restore proper gut health so that your little one’s gut is operating from a better space.

doTERRA’s a2z Chewable Vitamins are a great natural daily vitamin for your little ones. My kids love ‘em! There are also pixie-stick style PB Assist Jr. Probiotics that taste like candy but are so good for your kid’s gut health!

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils work with the body to provide a positive emotional response in our brain. When we breathe in an essential oil it goes to work immediately on our emotional well-being. Plus, every essential oil has an emotional benefit!

Here are a few of my favorite essential oils for anxious feelings in children:

STEADY: This oil is similar to Balance; it’s grounding, calming and perfect to have on hand for anxious feelings. Roll along the bottom’s of the feet, across the heart and on the inner wrists. You can also use this preventatively in the same manner, or along the spince.

BRAVE: This citrus oil blend provides feelings of encouragement and joy. It is great to have on hand in feelings of distress. Apply in the same way as above.

STRONGER: This oil blend is for immune support and includes Frankincense, Rose + Cedarwood. These oils are also really grounding and great for emotional well-being and supporting calmer feelings. Can be applied in the same as above.

RESCUER: This is a soothing blend that can works well on aches in the body, but it also helps to release tension. I love to use this oil, as well as all the oils mentioned above, roller along my children’s spine before bed for preventative care.

*All of the oils above are in the kid’s line by doTERRA and come in prediluted roller balls making them ready for topical use for kids!

5. A Detox Bath

Detox baths are not just for you! These are great to release tension and calm your little one’s nervous system.

Add 1/4 cup of epsom salts to a warm bath. Add 2-4 drops total of your favorite calming oil. Lavender, Serenity and/or Frankincense are great options here!

Let your little one play or soak in the tub for 10-20 minutes. Make sure they sip water afterwards so they do not get dehydrated.

I always add epsom salts to my kids’ baths so that they can detox, release any pent up emotions and feel more ready for bed.

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Erica Traster