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 let love flow

feel your best through intention,
whole foods + simple self care


A meditation practice is life changing.


You've got yoga pants and you've had green juice

yet you still know you could feel better.

With your energy. Your digestion. And your stress levels.

You consider yourself a generally healthy person, but something still feels off. You're still stressed out and snapping at your kids and feeling sluggish.

You're ready to make healthier lifestyle changes but have no idea where to begin.

Am I supposed to be eating Keto? Or Paleo? Or Vegan?
And what the heck does self care even mean!?

Getting your wellness game in check can feel overwhelming.

And isn't that the opposite of how we want to feel?

When did taking care of ourselves become so complicated? When did knowing what to eat become a guessing game of what not to eat?

What if you could learn how to intuitively take care of you in a way that works best for YOU.


When we're at peace, everything else falls into place.

By nurturing all of you, you'll be able to truly listen to what it is your body needs. What foods work best for you. What self care you really need.

And most importantly, you'll feel good doing it.

> meditation: This is the foundation to my integrative + intuitive approach to wellness. By quieting our thoughts + calming our nervous system we can more easily make self care + food choices that make us feel good.

> whole foods: Let's focus on what we are eating! There are so many delicious and healthy whole foods; this food lover promises you won't feel like you're missing out.

> self care: We can take care of ourselves in big ways, but it's the small things we do most often that create lasting change. By learning small, daily self care practices that fit into your current life, you can carry the calm you create into other areas of your life.

four months of meditation, whole foods + delicious self care.

These are the pillars of my approach to wellness and is the foundation of my health coaching. By establishing daily, simple ways to ground our emotions and calm our nervous system we're able to make better food choices, start taking action, rather than reacting to life, and begin to listen to our intuition for what it is we actually need to thrive.

It's the small things we do most often that lead to lasting change.

And our overall well-being + happiness is no different. Whether we are looking to feel better physically, emotionally or spiritually, by learning how to make small changes that actually work for us, we're able to make lasting lifestyle changes that we'll actually stick with rather than just one more fad diet we check off our to-do list.

let love flow

An individualized holistic wellness coaching program
focusing on meditation, whole foods + self care

We don't just focus on what foods to eat - we focus on all of you: nourishing your soul through a meditation practice, tapping into your intuition so you can listen to what your body really needs to eat, and multiple forms of self care so you can establish a practice that works best for you.


What's included:
> 8 personal coaching calls (45 minutes each)- each month we will focus on one of your top wellness goals, create simple action steps to get you there and have two personal coaching calls for accountability + support.
> access to me for any questions/concerns/guidance needed over the course of your program
> a Let Love Flow welcome kit with my favorite self care treats (think crystals, oils, a journal + more!)
> my favorite essential oil guide book
> roller balls, fractionated coconut oil + a diffuser to begin your oil journey

> a four month supply of my ride-or-die daily vitamins, probiotics + digestive enzymes
> doTERRA’s Daily Habits kit, which includes over $250 worth of essential oils + vitamins to kick off your self care program (Kit includes Lifelong Vitality Vitamins, Terrazymes, PB Assist+, Deep Blue rub for aches + pains, plus 5mL bottles of Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Balance + On Guard)
> 3 additional essential oils tailored to your specific wellness goals + needs

Over $1600 in value!


What to expect:

More energy --- say goodbye to the 3 o'clock crash and notice how whole foods fuel your body

Less stressful + anxious feelings --- when we learn to slow down, to focus on how we feel + to take better care of ourselves, we balance our emotions

Better digestion — focusing on gut health allows for less belly bloat and feeling connected again to your center.

Less brain fog — when we nurture our body with healing foods, whole food supplements and improve our gut health, we can experience greater mental clarity and less brain fog

Simply feeling GOOD --- by calming the nervous system and learning to access your intuition, you'll start feeling like your best self. And when that happens, it effects every area of your life.



Let Love Flow registration is now open


how to register

The let love flow program
Includes your initial Doterra daily habits kit
plus three additional monthly orders of:

> Lifelong Vitality our number one selling product! These whole food vitamins help to fill in any nutritional gaps and are my absolute ride-or-die
> TerraZymes Digestive Enzymes these are crucial for overall gut health, help with absorption of nutrients and assist in emotional support too
> PB Assist+ probiotics to help heal the gut and work along side the whole foods you’ll be incorporating into your diet
> a just-for-you oil each month based on your specific wellness goals! We’ll discuss these on our first coaching call depending on your needs.


> Purchase your Daily Habits kit through my link below. ($158 + tax and shipping)
> You’ll receive a Welcome E-mail from me along with my calendar to schedule your first call.
> On our initial coaching call we will walk through setting up your additional three monthly orders (Roughly $150, plus tax + shipping)

*Let Love Flow is only available to new clients not currently enrolled in doTERRA.


ready to align with your best self?

You take care of everybody else. It's time to take care of you. Because you are worthy + deserving of feeling your absolute best.

So take that cost of your daily coffee,
or the retail therapy you spend at Target
and invest in YOU.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a four month cleanse? Not at all! We will be focusing on the foods you are eating, not the foods you aren't. Our goal is lasting change, and while cleanses have their place, they don't work for the long term.

Can I participate if I'm pregnant or nursing? Absolutely! You'll be focusing on the foods + self care practices that work best for you + your body right now. As a pregnant or nursing mama this is the perfect time to listen to what your body currently needs + nurture it.

What if I have a vacation or big life event planned during the program? No worries! We all have vacations + birthday parties and family pizza nights. By learning how to access our intuition, you'll learn how to navigate these so that you're still feeling your best and still able to live your life.

Do I have to place a monthly order? Yes, this program includes the purchase of your initial kit, plus three monthly orders beginning the following month, anytime between the 1st and the 15th. I will walk you through how to set those up on your first coaching call!

Do I have to continue placing a monthly order at the end of this program? Not at all! doTERRA’s monthly wellness box is completely optional — although I think you’ll wanna stick around with us :)

What’s included in the Daily Habits Kit? You’ll receive a 30 day supply of Lifelong Vitality, Terrazymes, PB Assist+, Deep Blue Rub (for aches + pains), plus 5mL bottles of the following oils: Frankincense, Lemon, On Guard, Lavender + Balance.

I am over the moon to connect with you + can't wait to guide you through this experience!


p.s. There are only 10 spaces available so that I can give everyone the attention they need! The Health Habits Kit is currently 20% off in April 2019 and this program will be the standard price when offered again in the future.